A Gift for You - The New Direction

A Gift for You - The New Direction

Sometimes, you have to sit, reflect, and do some self evaluation when you are a business owner. I've been guilty of trying to "be like everyone else", "follow trends and industry leaders", or simply "hustling to survive", instead of truly walking in who I am as an owner and the vision that God gave our family for our business. I am so grateful to my husband and mom for letting me try so many things over the years even the bad learning experiments lol.

Truthfully, I've never fit in EVER and every time I've tried, it's cost me....ME! I don't understand how I thought our business would be any different.

So here it is....we're scraping about 90% of our website products and starting completely from scratch. You have no IDEA how much anxiety and fear I have felt over this decision but we want to be authentic to who we are as designers.

"A Gift for You" is one of our branded boxes. We'll be using these as our very own branded boxes along with a few other collections we're launching this year. Our best selling products have always been those given to me or my family through prayer and staying true to ourselves so we're doing it the way we should have done from the beginning.

We're working on the price structure right now so a lot of products will disappear then reappear with the new pricing.

Lastly, we're about to have a sale. We need to get rid of EVERYTHING that we won't be using moving forward so be on the lookout for that announcement as well.

Thank you for all of the support over the years!!!

Sharmene Smith
CEO - BGT Gifts
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