What's New in 2022

What's New in 2022

Happy New Year! As I sit here reflecting on 2021 while looking ahead to 2022, I am grateful to have made it this far with BGT Gifts. 2021 was filled with so many highs and lows. We are extremely proud of the learning experiences and opportunities for growth in the future. With that being said, we are looking to pivot in 2022 and beyond. Some things will remain the same; however, there will be some changes. 


  • Business accelerator/education: We have been in a business accelerator program that has helped us establish who we truly are as a business - good, bad, and ugly. In the midst of this journey, we have been fine tuning our business model and product offerings while learning how to manage costs.
  • Supply costs - Every single vendor that we use had challenges with sourcing some of the products that we use, which has significantly driven up supply and shipping costs. We had to shift continuously this year due to lack of supplies. While we will continue to monitor this ever changing supply situation, we are choosing to discontinue or limit what we offer.
  • Family -  We have lost a few family members over the last 2 years due to various reasons, which has strengthened our resolve to spend more time together enjoying life. Simplifying our product lines will help us to streamline our processes while accomplishing our work/life balance. 


  • Customization/Uniqueness: We will still offer customization and unique ways to gift but it will be more structured. This will involve the use of apps as well as forms and contracts for more complex projects.
  • Branded/Promotional gifts: We are exploring this lane more in the near future. We want to help companies increase awareness through branded gifts.
  • Awareness gifts:  We’re keeping The PCOS Gift shop and expanding our awareness gifts to include other causes that are dear to our heart.


  • Prices: Due to the rising costs of supplies, our prices have increased. 
  • Product Selection: We’re scaling back on the types of gifts that we offer (changes will begin January 2022)
  • Website navigation: A simplified product selection will make web navigation easier.
  • Product Listings: We’re mirroring Etsy with some of our products with the same design for multiple product types. 

Thank you for your continuous support and understanding!!! We look forward to serving you!

Kind regards,

Sharmene Smith


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